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Xymphora on CIA Cache

-- the go-to guy for links.This time on the CIA. As he notes, the supporters of the CIA are busy trashing the messenger. (His end quotation mark is confusing. I assume he wrote the last sentence.)

The Truth About the WikiLeaks C.I.A. Cache". "WikiLeaks CIA cache: Fool me once". Army of CIA minions scurry to secure the honeypots. The sad truth is that the CIA is the direct cause of massive insecurity: "The CIA are the real ‘threat to national security’; leaks show they treated software exploits like toys". If the United States was functioning properly, the CIA would be immediately wound up, and there would be mass trials of all involved, with long, long, long jail sentences."

Yes, if there were justice and if the good guys were in the saddle. It turns out we lost our chance when LBJ offed all three --with help from the CIA, DoD and all the rest: JFK (1963) MLK (April 1968) and RFK (June 1968) -- not to mention Malcolm (1965) -- all on LBJ's watch!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Responses to my post on Trump's reversal? of Obama's bloody policie


Several  people have registered confusion regarding my last post and at least two have explicitly asked if I'm a fan of Trump.
People are confused since most readers understand  that I've long been a progressive, a Democrat, a liberal, etc.
I voted for Jill  Stein hoping Clinton would win despite everything I believe about her.

But we live in strange times.
No I don't support Trump.
As I wrote,  we have probably not ever seen anyone so unprepared and so unqualified to be president as Donald Trump.

Nor do I think Trump actually won -- and certainly not fair and square.
As  the unadjusted exit polls suggest, Clinton won the electoral college as well as the popular vote.
 I believe that  critical vote totals were reversed by  computer fraud -- never mind, in addition the massive voter suppression, etc.

 I think the same organized computer manipulation of the vote totals is what changed in the outcome in 2000 and 2004. 

In a previous post I mentioned that Karl Rove was caught out on national TV revealing that he intended the same thing in 2012. (Not to mention the dozens of such instances changing the outcomes in state-wide elections going back at least to the late 90s.)

At the same time there is room for nuance.
Trump's "victory"  has already had some major benefits; namely burying the political career of the most criminal and most corrupt candidate of just about anyone who has ever been U.S. president.

Trump  has also, for the moment at least, taken the TPP, the corporate giveaway pushed by Obama, off the table.
And also, before he takes office, he has called out the CIA for the liars and manipulators that they are and have been since WWII.

My intention was to post a message before Trump takes office when there is still hope that he will actually make a dent in the fake news and powerful propaganda --- especially the anti-Putin propaganda  -- emanating from the White House, from the Democratic Party, the CIA and the mainstream media.

A tiny  example of how I view the Orwellian world in which we are living --- vide  the JFK assassination and 9/11 --  is the  New York Times Quotation of the Day" for 1.12.17, quoting Donald Trump.

"If Putin likes Donald Trump, I consider that an asset, not a liability, because we have a horrible relationship with Russia."

I can only guess that the Times highlighted that quote hoping to further smear Trump's reputation  by associating him with U.S. enemy number one!

But Trump is right!. Our relationship with Russia is horrible, exactly as President Obama and the CIA intended..
As I indicated, at the end of my post, I don’t think the chances are good that Trump will actually change policy.
If nothing else, the forces against him are too strong and Mike Pence is waiting in the wings to take over.
But days before he takes office, we can still hope.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Will Trump reverse Obama's bloody CIA Middle East and European Destabilizaiton?

We still have a week or so  before the inauguration to hope that the most unqualified person to become president will actually change U.S. Middle East/Anti Soviet policy by rejecting the sixteen years of CIA/White House policy.  

See below for some of the details regarding Obama's parting shot: punishing Syria and the Assad regime by cutting off utilities, water, gas, electricity to millions of people in  government-held areas. Presumably he ordered such punitive actions against the Syrian people out of revenge for the success of Assad's forces (with crucial Russian and Iranian and other help) in ridding Aleppo of Jihadist control.

I believe that Obama has been using the Moslem Brotherhood -- who are still active -- and all the brutal jihadis like ISIS, al-Qaeda al-Shams and others who want to overthrow secular rule in Syria as they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan -- as pawns to wage perpetual war against Syria. By tactically limiting their weapons supply, Obama revealed that  he doesn't actually want regime change, in part, because it would expose the chaotic, and brutal aftermath, as in Libya. Together with Israel he just wants continued and endless destabilization and destruction. He's succeeded in keeping the war going for more than five years.

Had Clinton won there would have been less chance of a change in the status quo. .

Here's the opening sentences from an email sent by one  Feroze Mithiborwala....

I still cant believe that there are people out there who are
supporting the Imperial-Zionist-Political Islamist agenda.
That there are people out there who are tacitly, rather openly
supporting the ISIS-Qaeda-Nusra-Ahrar al Sham agenda of converting
Syria into an Islamic theocracy.
Here Feroze  might have mentioned Amy Goodman's Democracy Now (DN) as one of those supporting Obama's destructive agenda. It would be instructive to understand what forces are operating to keep DN in the jihadist camp. I noticed,  though, on at least two occasions,  that Amy's co-producer, Nermeen Shaikh, had the temerity to raise the question of whether or not attacks on civilians were also perpetrated by the  "rebels."

We’ll soon see if Trump continues President Obama's destructive and ruthless CIA  policy. We still don't know what Trump knows. Does he know for example that Zionists are cheering on  Obama's bloody eight year program of destroying the Middle East?: If Trump actually intends to attack ISIS,  then those like the Zionists, hawks, and the CIA will be unhappy. And if Trump  actually changes policy, the pressure to remove him in favor of Pence will only grow. The prospects for positive change aren't rosy.

Here's an opening paragraphs from Bernhard's January 9, 2017 blog.



Currently a campaign is waged by the Takfiri [jihadi] forces opposing the Syrian government and by the U.S. to deprive the people under its protection of all public utilities - water, gas and electricity. After the start of the current blocking of the water supplies to Damascus and its 5-6 million inhabitants we noted:   This shut down is part of a wider, seemingly coordinated strategy to deprive all government held areas of utility supplies. Two days ago the Islamic State shut down a major water intake for Aleppo from the Euphrates. High voltage electricity masts on lines feeding Damascus have been destroyed and repair teams, unlike before, denied access. Gas supplies to parts of Damascus are also cut.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Despair and Triumph in Hitler's First Miracle Year:

The  excerpts below (1,000 words)  include the first two paragraphs  and  sections on "Were Germans Too, Hitler's Intended Victims?" and "Hitler's Homosexuality."

Sections not included in this post
Hitler's Anti-Semitism
Hitler's Lebensraum
Hitler Finds a Career
The Wobbly Weimar Republic
The Beer Hall Putsch
Rare Opposition to Hitler Noted
Parole for Hitler and Escaping Deportation
Effect of Hitler's Homosexuality on His Policies
Another Book
(Complete footnotes are provided with the full text.)

Despair and Triumph in Hitler's First Miracle Year:

A Review-Essay on Peter Ross Range's 1924

December 2016 by Ronald Bleier
I was agreeably surprised to find that my modest expectations for a book dealing with a single year of Hitler's life were more than exceeded by Peter Ross Range’s 1924: The Year That Made Hitler (Little, Brown; 2016). I regard Range’s book as one of the most important works on Hitler's political development. Range's lucid and well-paced narrative details the critical events during the thirteen months between November 1923 and December 1924. By the end of 1924, at the age of thirty-five, Hitler rose from the ashes of his failed Munich beer hall putsch, emerging from prison unbowed and confident, poised to pick up the reins of his Nazi Party and drive it to its next level.

Range's focus on Hitler's consequential year also opens the way to examining some of the elements that will figure for the remainder of Hitler's career:  his key anti- Semitism and lebensraum watchwords; his homosexuality and his fateful plans for Germany, Europe, and the whole world.

Were Germans, Too, Hitler's Intended Victims?

Jews of course were not Hitler's only victims. Among the 60 million WWII deaths were also eight million Germans.[  Were the Germans who died merely collateral damage, or were they also Hitler's intended victims? Joachim Fest, one of Hitler's German biographers, tellingly wrote in 2004 of Hitler's "hatred of the world and his thirst for extermination."[1] 

In March 1945, a month and a half before ending his life, Hitler issued his scorched-earth orders for Germany, similar to the orders he issued as his troops retreated from occupied territory. (Hitler had ordered the destruction of Paris, but mercifully his orders were not carried out.) But when it came to similar orders for Germany, Albert Speer, Hitler's senior minister for armaments, objected, arguing that Hitler had no right to doom  Germany's future.

Risking his life, Speer spoke up forcefully, actually upbraiding Hitler for his demonic plans: "No one," said Speer, "has the right to take the viewpoint that the fate of the German people is tied to his personal fate. . . . At this stage of the war it makes no sense for us to undertake demolitions which may strike at the very life of the nation."

Hitler's reply (as reported by Speer) was as cold as ice. Since Germany had fallen to its eastern enemy, asserted Hitler, she didn't deserve a future.

If the war is lost, the people will be lost also. It is not necessary to worry about what the German people will need for elemental survival. On the contrary, it is best for us even to destroy these things. For the nation has proved to be the weaker, and the future belongs solely to the stronger eastern nation. In any case, only those who are inferior will remain after this struggle, for the good have already been killed.

Hitler's last testament, written shortly before he committed suicide, can also be read as a disguised acknowledgement that by engaging in war, he was responsible for the destruction of Germany. In his testament he wrote that the Jews were “the real people to blame for this murderous struggle," calling upon Germany and the Germans "to observe the racial laws precisely and to resist pitilessly the world-poisoner of all peoples, international Jewry."

Hitler used the device of his last public pronouncement, typically a special moment of sincerity, to deflect blame away from himself onto the Jews. One clue is his use of the meaningless intensifier "real" when he wrote: "the real people to blame would be the Jews!" The real person to blame was of course himself. Ever the ultimate cynic and con-man extraordinaire,  Hitler attempted to obscure his use of Allied personnel and Allied weaponry as his means of killing his own people and destroying his country. His last testament, was indirectly his sardonic boast that he was going to his death knowing that he had accomplished much more of his agenda of destruction, suffering, and death than he could have expected to fulfill ten years earlier.

Hitler's Homosexuality

German professor Lothar Machtan's exposé in The Hidden Hitler (2001) has convinced many “by the sheer weight of direct and  circumstantial evidence,"[5]  that Hitler was a homosexual --  of the type that could not bear the slightest intimacy with women. (Hitler's homosexuality is not addressed in Range's book.) In Machtan's view, Hitler was able to conceal his sexual nature because he relentlessly pursued and destroyed whatever evidence he could find. He was also determined to silence, even by means of murder, those who could expose him. When he became Chancellor of Germany he made a point of confiscating the six-volume file kept on him by the Munich police.[Similarly, in 1938, when Germany absorbed Austria into Greater Germany in the Anschluss, Hitler sent agents to confiscate the files that the Vienna police had compiled,  presumably because in addition to whatever else, it contained records of his sexual contacts.

In Explaining Hitler (1999), Ron Rosenbaum stresses that Hitler was a frequent target of blackmail attempts. Machtan asserts that it was the threat of exposing his sexuality that spurred much of the blackmail efforts, some apparently successful. Along similar lines, Machtan provides a revisionist angle to at least part of the motivation for Hitler's bloody purge of June 30, 1934, known as the "Night of the Long Knives." Among the hundreds Hitler ordered murdered was his mentor, friend, and perhaps lover, Ernst Rohm, leader of the SA, the Sturmabteilung, Hitler's paramilitary wing. Doubtless others were also murdered during that time due to their knowledge of Hitler's sexual activity.

During his time at Landsberg prison, Hitler and his fellow conspirators enjoyed relaxed special treatment. Machtan reports that in the so-called Feldherren wing,  Hitler and Hess and others took pleasure in sporting contests, rowdy evenings, and hot baths in the "modern bathroom reserved for us alone."[The prison governor had to restrain their unruly behavior from time to time with such messages as: "Nudity outside the fortress living room . . . is not allowed. The proprieties have to be observed everywhere, especially when several fellow inmates share a room with you."

1Peter Ross Range, 1924: The Year That Made Hitler (New York: Little, Brown, 2016), p. 224-225.



Sunday, November 06, 2016

Flipping the Election

When Trump speaks of vote rigging he's intending voter suppression, especially blacks. No big secret. I suspect that until he met with Karl Rove months ago he was ignorant of computer vote flipping; and that virtually all computer vote counting is done on Republican controlled companies which are routinely strategically manipulated. (See Professor Mark Crispin Miller's recent compilation of the evidence.

One dramatic example of such flipping I've cited in the past is the theft of the 2002 election from Don Siegelman for governor of Alabama. It was a close race and one county reported a set of results from electronic machines that made Siegelman governor. Then in the middle of the night the computers recalculated and reported a different set of results. He lost the race. (He now sits in jail, afterwards railroaded by Karl Rove and his cronies. President Obama refuses to pardon Siegelman, nor did the White House make any effort to intervene to keep him out of jail in the first place.

Computer vote flipping to reverse election results on a state and local level goes back to the 90s if not before. On a national, presidential level I'm not aware of such interventions till 2000 when the votes in Florida were flipped to give the race to George W. Bush. In 2004 the flippers learned their lesson and they made sure it wouldn't be close and they gave the national vote to Bush as well as shifting the electoral college. Is it amazing that they could get away with giving the election to someone who was so deeply unpopular after four years in office, not least because of Iraq? Kerry was well aware that Ohio was stolen but he turned out to be one of a long line of Democrats who didn't want to be president. He  apparently was also briefed on the the long planned US attack to retake Falluja which would have to be indefinitely postponed if he contested the election.

Needless to say the major media – as well as the left alternative media – are unwilling to report on such high level hijacking of a presidential election. One symptom that they prefer to look the other way is that is that they refuse to engage in exit polling in critical areas which would reveal the discrepancy between official results and how people actually voted.

Interestingly, a similar high profile signal of election rigging happened in two presidential elections --  in 2012 and in 2000. In 2000 Florida was so clearly won by Gore that the TV media were calling it for the Democrats by around 10 pm. Soon a surprise national interview was granted by the Bush family as they watched the results on TV in their hotel room. The Bush spokesperson warned that no matter how clearly the results in Florida seemed, the Bush camp were still confident it would change in their favor. In hindsight, we can deduce that that they preparing the country for a contested election, not to mention that the fix was in.

On the evening of the 2012 election, despite the overwhelming numbers, Karl Rove also tipped his hand that he had intended to reverse a potential Obama victory. Search: "Karl Rove's election night melt-down on Fox News."  On national TV he kept insisting that it wasn't over, that late results would swing the race to Romney.

A fly on the wall reported to me that in Karl Rove's meeting with Trump a few months ago, the substance of their talk was that Rove assured Trump that in a close election, he could shift the results in crucial states.  Because Trump's opponent is Hillary,  it's far from clear, how hard Karl Rove might  have to work.

For the latest iteration in computer vote flipping see

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hillary and Parkinson's?

I followed up on a post from entitled, Late Stage Lying: Pneumonia Theory vs. Parkinson’s Disease Theory; Doctors Chime In,” which included a 16 minute video on youtube by  Dr Ted Noel which makes a convincing case that Hillary is suffering from late stage Parkinson’s disease. 

Dr Noel’s diagnosis explains much -- including weakness, tremors, and why she is averse to press conferences. 

Dr Noel points to a widely viewed video where Hillary is confronted with multiple questions and goes into out of control  head-shaking and bug- eyed, open-mouthed  symptoms. She could well fear falling into similar symptoms if confronted by reporters.

Late stage Parkinson’s might explain her falls  Dr. Noel also asserts that her coughing fits are not  due to bronchitis but to a  swallowing disorder; wherein saliva or food impacts a patient’s vocal chords, causing uncontrolled coughing. Parkinson’s could also lead to dementia he says.

The downside to this otherwise powerful video comes at 13.56 when Dr Noel launches into politics. He seems not to be aware that the evidence he presented, and his down- to-earth, low-key, objective explanations, have already enabled viewers to come to their own conclusions. He does make one good point at the end which is that Hillary and her doctors, and undoubtedly others, knew she had Parkinson’s since at least 2012. We really don’t need the doctor to spell out the ramifications.