Saturday, August 20, 2016

Staged Western Anti Assad Anti Putin Propaganda?

Moon of Alabama’s blog post for 18 August 2016, “The ‘Wounded Boy In Orange Seat’- Another Staged "White Helmets" Stunt”  deconstructs  a dramatic video and a photo of a purported wounded boy that has been  widely shown in western media . (Berhard  links to the CNN video.) Naturally, as Berhard points out, no such photos – staged or real – are shown of the carnage inflicted by U.S. supported jihadis in Syria. I found B’s evidence convincing that the photo was staged.B  also links to his June 2016 post of "’Dramatic Rescue! Man With Kid Runs Towards Camera!’ - 44 Staged Pictures” where he similarly exposes photo after photo of the same meme.  

Along the same lines, I was not surprised but distressed to find Democracy Now (DN) seemed to have no option but to fall in line with  Western anti-Assad, anti-Putin disinformation/ distortion on their August 17, 2016 program. A key clue was when DN’s guest, Dr. Zaher Sahloul explained that the Syrian regime (with Putin’s help) has cut the Castello Road from Allepo to Turkey which has been used to evacuate patients. Fair enough, but no mention was made that the same road surely also brings in jihadis and weapons supplied by the U.S. and the Saudis so as to keep the Syrian war going indefinitely. Could this be the reason that Assad and Putin want to close such terror pathways?

 Later I noticed that the New York Times (8.19.16) sported  a large 2.5 by 6 inch photo of the “Wounded Boy” on its front page. Luckily I had already seen B’s blog so I knew what to think of the Times’ credibility and ruthlessness as they continue to operate as CIA’s mouthpiece. Even later I tried to imagine how different things will be if (should I now say ‘when’?) Hillary takes over the White House.

Excerpt from Democracy Now 8.17.16
DR. ZAHER SAHLOUL: I mean, before the siege happened, this—that’s been going on for more than five weeks, the road to Turkey and to other places in Syria was open—the Castello Road. That’s the same road that I went to Aleppo through and left Aleppo through. And it’s right now blocked by the Syrian regime, and also assisted by the Russians and the Iranian paramilitias. So, if the United Nations oversaw this road, to keep it open, so we can have patients evacuated to Turkey.