Sunday, July 02, 2017

Trump's Sinister Tweets -- Victimizing and Intimidating the Media

A friend sent me this email opening my eyes to the sinister intentions behind Trump's tweets. Trump intends his supporters to harass his latest victims. He's  using his tweets as weapons, fighting back in the only way he knows. 

When Trump uses his tweets to go after the principals of “Morning Joe,” not only is he grossing out the world.  He’s also—as he well knows—calling down death threats on the targets of his wrath and derision.  Megyn Kelly writes in detail, in her book, Settling for More, about the terror visited on her and her young daughter when she got crosswise of Trump and his more unruly followers.  I’m sure Judge Curiel could tell similar stories, were he not bound by a code of judicial silence.
All this has to be well known among journalists and jurists.  So Trump’s targets extend well beyond those he expressly names.  He’s trying to instill physical fear in whole professions.  Alas, pointing this out publicly would probably make matters even worse.  It’s no small matter.

The NYT  reminded readers of  what spurred Trump's ire: He was reacting to being called stupid, a goon, a thug, mentally ill and that he has dementia. Trump's tweets are more than unpresidential. They're the mark of the thug, the criminal.

‘Morning Joe’ Row Is Fresh Sign of TV’s Iron Grip onTrump

 On Thursday, during an interview on Fox News, the Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said of Mr. Scarborough and Ms. Brzezinski: “They’ve said he has dementia. They’ve said he’s stupid. They’ve called him a goon. They’ve called him a thug. They’ve said he’s mentally ill.” And they have said all that.