Monday, June 26, 2017

Mitch McConnell: The Health Care Bill May Lose

I was pleasantly surprised to see the NYT actually reporting news.
 I gather Trump/McConnell care only about the tax cuts they want to pass after their health care "reform" goes down.
 I suppose they're pretty confident they have the votes for that.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Moon of Alabama exposes example of AP's fake news.

As if we didn’t know, the major purveyors of FAKE NEWS are the major media. Here Bernhard points out a recent example of fake news from AP --which we used to think was reliable. The route that the fake news takes is that AP prints it and then others run with it and don't bother correcting it even after AP does. In the second paragraph below, Bernhard informs readers of the political slant of AP's Moscow correspondent.


For the record: Russia (and Syria and its other allies) have fought ISIS whenever and wherever they possibly could. It was the U.S. that did not fight ISIS but used and uses it for its own purpose. Obama and Kerry publicly admitted such (scroll down for their quotes). Only after Russia pointed out that thousands of tanker trucks moved oil from ISIS areas to Turkey without U.S. interference did the U.S. join in to destroy them. Cruickshank is using the fake news from AP to spread his own false claim that Russia and Syria did not and do not fight ISIS.

Note that the original AP report, seen in the AP screenshot above, has "Moscow" as the dateline. The corrected one is datelined from "Beirut". The original author of the AP fake news was its Moscow correspondent Vladimir Isachenkov. It is certainly fair to say that Isachenkov's other reporting from Moscow is rarely sympathetic to the Russian viewpoint on the issues in question. His reporting is always a reflection the unquestioned predominant U.S. view - be that right or wrong. The Russian standpoint is never analyzed for its own value but always in relation to the U.S. position which is a-priori taken as the ultimate truth.