Friday, March 15, 2019

What Caused the Boeing 737 Crashes? Corruption at Boeing and the FAA. Duh!

As of March 14, 2019, Democracy Now,  the NYT, the NY Daily News, the NY Post, the Wall St Journal, chose not to explain that Boeing, instead of redesigning  a new fuselage for its new and larger MAX engines, introduced instead faulty software which has now resulted in two terrible crashes this year.

An informed comment by Lochearn appeared in Bernhard's  Moon of Alabama blog entitled
"Boeing, The FAA, And Why Two 737 MAX Planes Crashed
" (3.12.19) which goes into more detail.  
Lochearn wrote: 

Over the space of a few months 2 almost new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have crashed. Rather than going to the expense of designing an entirely new fuselage and normal length landing gear for its larger and much more powerful 737 MAX engines Boeing stuck with the now ancient 737 fuselage design that sits only 17 inches from the ground – necessitating changes to the positioning of the engines on the wing, which together with the vast increase in power, created aerodynamic instability in the design that Boeing tried to correct with software, while not alerting pilots to the changes.
 Through the 1980s and early 1990s Boeing executives had largely resisted pressure from Wall Street to cut staff numbers, move plant to non-union states and outsource. The 777 was the last real Boeing, though significant outsourcing did take place – but under the strict control and guidance of Boeing engineers. After the “reverse” takeover of MacDonnell Douglas in 1997 the MDD neoliberal culture swamped Boeing and its HQ was moved from the firm’s home near Seattle to Chicago so executives could hobnob with speculators. Wall Street had taken down another giant.
Bernhard argues that the crashes are largely the responsibility of the  FAA which was aware of the danger and allowed the planes to fly with faulty software and without properly alerting pilots.