Wednesday, November 07, 2018

The GOP Steals Another Election – The Senate 2018

 Yup, once again, the election was stolen --this time for the Senate. Jonathan Simon has already  concluded that "it does look for all the world like a masterful job of surgical rigging." He explains that it will be clear in the coming weeks -- but will not appear in the MSM.  
Evidently the Republican operatives were clever enough to allow the Democratic takeover of the House. 

The following message is from Mark Crispin Miller 11.7.18

Note the rebuke of Gillum because he conceded when he could have contested the election since AUDITUSA managed to get the ballots preserved. 

MCM wrote:
In the wee hours of this morning, Jonathan Simon wrote the following assessment of the outcome on "Election" Day,
based on his study of the (as usual) weird numbers coast to coast.
Although the numbers will be closely studied in the weeks to come (albeit not by "our free press," but by those very
few who are devoted to the premise, and the promise, of electoral democracy), I'm confident enough that they will
bolster Jonathan's interpretation that I am sending it around today, in hopes that it may shed a bit of light on what
went down last night (as usual), and, therefore, on what's going to happen for the next two years—and what will
keep on happening, until enough of us wake up to the annulment of our voting rights, and the necessity of our
reclaiming them, however we may need to do it.

For those who want a link to the scoresheets that Jonathan compiled, it's here: -- MCM

Jon wrote:
Have to wait for tomorrow and the full returns to complete my scoresheets but . . . it does look for all the world like a masterful job of surgical rigging; the pattern of red shifts seems to correlate with how I would have strategized and targeted it if I were in the GOP war room, including letting Nancy Pelosi (or her "radical left" usurper) stand there like a punching bag for Trump for two years - much better to have the Democrats running the House, but the Senate (especially with an eye to the contests in 2020) had to be beefed up, and key governorships (FL, GA, MO, WI) held. And lo and behold . . . ! We don't have a full set of EPs [exit polls] to work from (only 21 states, missing key races like Kobach) and those, we were informed, were tweaked to neuter out the red shift. Well even that tweaking didn't work - at least not in cases like Walker, McCaskill, Donnelly, Nelson - actually most of the critical contests. And the pre-election polls were even more red-shifted.

I guess what I want to say at this point is that we shouldn't let the fact that we're pretty used to this plotline numb us to what we're seeing here. This is exactly how you go about stealing a nation and then keeping it stolen without doing anything stupid enough to get caught. This is what the election fraud maintenance plan looks like. 

Candidates like Gillum [in Florida] conceding (I still can't believe it - did I hear it wrong?) aren't much help, especially after AUDITUSA managed to get the ballots images preserved. 

But given the prevailing attitude to our little election forensics cottage industry, I'm pretty sure nothing we can mutter about this election, the red shift, the tweaked exit polls, etc. will move that mountain. I think we're going to have to get ballot measures passed proactively, not reactively - though it probably won't hurt to throw in a few gentle observations about numbers that, tonight, yet again, didn't add up and call canted in the same direction. Thanks to all, especially if your still up and working on this and/or listening. - Jon

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Flipping the election to Trump

Jaded observers are pessimistic about a blue wave this Tuesday because dramatic change of the Congress takes place when the incumbent gives little to his constituency to get excited about.
(Obama 2010?)
As it turned out Trump has given his base victory over victory even though his victories amount to crippling the supports of an already shaky polity.
So it seems we’re in for a whole lot more of the du du.
Aside from Republican inspired voter suppression, gerrymandering, purging voter roles by the scores or hundreds of thousands, and Secretaries of State with conflicts of interest -- in a race as close as this, it’s easier to flip the results by means of computer reversal of the numbers.
Not did the bad guys find it hard even to flip landslides. Note the risible 2004 re-election of Bush-Cheney – not to mention their incredible numbers for the popular vote. Nor was the 2000 election close before they changed the numbers.
One thing we’ve learned to watch out for is when they announce a temporary computer shutdown in the midst of the vote count when the trends and the exit polls are not to their liking.