Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hillary and Parkinson's?

I followed up on a post from entitled, Late Stage Lying: Pneumonia Theory vs. Parkinson’s Disease Theory; Doctors Chime In,” which included a 16 minute video on youtube by  Dr Ted Noel which makes a convincing case that Hillary is suffering from late stage Parkinson’s disease. 

Dr Noel’s diagnosis explains much -- including weakness, tremors, and why she is averse to press conferences. 

Dr Noel points to a widely viewed video where Hillary is confronted with multiple questions and goes into out of control  head-shaking and bug- eyed, open-mouthed  symptoms. She could well fear falling into similar symptoms if confronted by reporters.

Late stage Parkinson’s might explain her falls  Dr. Noel also asserts that her coughing fits are not  due to bronchitis but to a  swallowing disorder; wherein saliva or food impacts a patient’s vocal chords, causing uncontrolled coughing. Parkinson’s could also lead to dementia he says.

The downside to this otherwise powerful video comes at 13.56 when Dr Noel launches into politics. He seems not to be aware that the evidence he presented, and his down- to-earth, low-key, objective explanations, have already enabled viewers to come to their own conclusions. He does make one good point at the end which is that Hillary and her doctors, and undoubtedly others, knew she had Parkinson’s since at least 2012. We really don’t need the doctor to spell out the ramifications.