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*K.Nimmo: Creating Holland Tunnel Terrorists

Once again, why does it take a Kurt Nimmo to point out the obvious to smart people like us that to do any significant damage to the Holland Tunnel, it would take quite a bit of engineering, demolition and much other expertise. But maybe what the Feds had in mind on this one was a repeat of WTC 93 where they supplied the putative terrorists with the explosives. Here they would also have had to arrange for access to sensitve areas of the Tunnel and the other targets.

The whole thing is so silly when you stop for a second to examine it, that it's a bad sign that the real terrorists are willing to go public on indictments for terror acts that they acknowledge had no chance of becoming a reality. Or even worse that the media is continuing to take this seriously.

Another thought is that one of the quiet but important benefits of the 911 inquiry movement is that it has shown the covert ops people and their political masters that they won't be able to get away so easily with the next 911. Blowing up or doing significant damage to the Holland Tunnel would be of such technical difficulty (harder than making 3 skyscrapers come down at the speed of gravity in their own footprint?) that even a Noam Chomsky might be hard put to ignore it.

Wishful thinking for sure. One of the points that Chomsky and Cockburn and so many others are ignoring is that the FBI/CIA entrapment of typically hapless and ignorant youth is so obvious that even the New York Times has taken notice. -- Ronald


Kurt Nimmo wrote:

Chat Room Terrorists and the Holland Tunnel

Friday July 07th 2006, 7:36 am

In Bushzarro world, terrorists have the expertise to blow up New York’s Holland Tunnel and flood Wall Street, even though the tunnel is buried in bedrock below the Hudson River, is constructed of concrete and cast-iron steel, and lower Manhattan is above the level of the river. Like the official version of nine eleven, the Holland Tunnel plot runs counter to science and the laws of physics.

“The FBI discovered the plot by monitoring Internet chat rooms, where the aspiring terrorists discussed striking the U.S. economy,” reports the New York Daily News.

If we are to believe the FBI and the corporate media stenographers at the Daily News, this chat room chatter, or rather puerile blather followed on the heels of a declaration uttered by a dead man.

“Al Qaeda founder Bin Laden has often urged his followers to ‘bleed’ America financially,” the Daily News continues. “They’re hell-bent on destroying the economy in the U.S.,” a so-called counterterrorism source told the newspaper.

Of course, it is not clear who is “hell-bent on destroying the economy,” supposed terrorists or the FBI.

A couple weeks ago, in Miami, an FBI “al-Qaeda” agent provocateur allegedly managed to get a handful of post-adolescent poor African-American kids to “swear allegiance” to “al-Qaeda” and discuss blowing up the Sears Tower in Chicago, although the government has so far failed to produce evidence these kids planned to blow up anything.

Neocon politicos wasted not a moment and jumped all over this latest absurdity. “This is one instance where intelligence was on top of its game and discovered the plot when it was just in the talking phase,” averred Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. “There was nothing imminent, but it was being monitored for long period of time,” Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., chairman of the Ministry of Homeland Security Committee, told the Associated Press.

Recall King’s demand the New York Times be prosecuted for treason after it reported the Treasury Department is in cahoots with the CIA, snooping on the financial transactions of Americans.

Naturally, the alleged chat room blather plot, instigated by a man who died of kidney failure five years ago, will give King and his fellow “conservatives” (i.e., fascist neocons) an excuse to defend various Stasi-like snoop programs and prosecute reporters for outing government malfeasance.

Obviously, the Holland Tunnel terrorist plot is yet another publicity stunt designed to convince Americans they are under attack.

“Just as the revelation that the Bush administration has been spying on the financial transactions of Americans hit the main stream press two weeks ago, the FBI announced that it had arrested seven terrorists for plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago. But now the defense team for those suspected terrorists is making a strong argument that the entire operation was actually planned by the government in order to manipulate public opinion, according to the Raw Story,” reports the Free Market News Network. “The government is using the case as an example that the FBI can stop homegrown terrorists. However, critics argue that the FBI is violating its own Undercover Guidelines in order to produce cases out of thin air in an effort to create a diversion in the media away from more important news such as surveillance of financial transactions.”

More than a diversion, the effort is part of an on-going scheme to scare the heck out of average Americans, by now well-steeped in fantastical terrorist nonsense with no factual basis in reality. But then facts and common sense are not required, as a large number of Americans are easily duped.

As I write this, thousands of New Yorkers probably believe there was indeed a plot to blow up the Holland Tunnel and this improbable effort would flood lower Manhattan, never mind that it would take heavy rain or a coastal storm to flood that part of the city.

But then, according to the government, Muslims were able to melt steel with kerosene on nine eleven and through evil alchemy and conjuring Allah, cave-dwelling terrorists made the World Trade Center towers free fall to the ground while simultaneously pulverizing tons of concrete, office furniture, computers, etc., to micron-sized dust particles.

If people believe Muslims are capable of such, they will likely also believe blowing up a tunnel will result in the sort of damage only possible through hurricane or storm forces. In other words, our neocon captured government has a large number of ill-informed and ignorant people by the short hairs and right where they want them.

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