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Kevin Ryan deconstructs Alex Cockburn's physics expert on WTC Collapses

Many list members know Kevin Ryan as one of the heroes of the 911 inquiry movement. He was fired from his job as a manager at Underwriters Laboratories because he wrote a letter. His letter demanded the truth about the quality of the steel in the WTC. It was his way of going public. His investigation and letter made nonsense of the claim that the WTC steel wasn't up to specifications and could have collapsed from exposure to the "planes" and the negligible fires. It's because of steel's special properties and its ability to conduct heat that no steel hi rise building has ever before or since been brought down by fire. (But that's evidence, and as such is to be ignored and punished.)

Who should we blame for this Cockburn/Garcia act of disinformation and confusion? Garcia? He's a government functionary -- see below. It's impossible to expect more of him. The interesting question is: Should we expect more of Alexander Cockburn? He speaks not only for himself but he also symbolizes the cowardice (if that's what it is) of the entire left: Z Magazine (naturally), the Progressive, the Nation. Others.

One way to look at what they have collectively done is to see it as the reflection of the power of the Empire. (Just today there is news of a prominent attorney in California who was defenestrated who in July 2005 had the temerity to take on Karl Rove.)

The only ray of light I'm finding is that in all three of Cockburn's articles on the "conspiracy nuts," he has the good grace (if that's what it is) to complain and whine and complain about all the email and feedback he's getting from folks who are simply asking him to look at the evidence. Just how did the Twin Towers come down? we have collectively asked him. And Manuel Garcia is his answer. Reminds one of the Chinese saying: Evildoers are enabled by the good ones who do evil.

Interestingly, Noam Chomsky, recently answering the 9/11 question in Europe stumbled and said something to the effect that it wouldn't matter if indeed it was a government conspiracy. Poor guy, he must have been tired. Perhaps it was his way of saying, stop asking me such questions: stop presenting me with evidence for which I have no response.

So keep those calls and letters coming, folks. Let's not let them get away with it as they have done for decades with JFK, RFK, MLK -- brought to you by the same lineage as the 9/11 folks.

Oh, and btw, keep it clean, keep it polite. It's because Cockburn and Chomsky can't dismiss us, because we've been on their side in so many battles, that it's apparently having an effect.


Submitted by Kevin Ryan on Wed, 12/27/2006 -
Manuel Garcia Sees Physics That Don’t Exist
Another Opportunity to Understand Our Predicament

Over the years we’ve heard from a few educated people who claim to understand and support the latest story given by the US government for the unprecedented destruction of the WTC buildings. Unfortunately, those folks usually turn out to either work for the Bush Administration directly, like FEMA and NIST, or are in some other way profiting from the War on Terror. Some people accept what these Bush scientists say because they have PhDs in scientific fields, or because certain media sources promote the official myths. In a way, the curious behavior of these scientists and media sources allows us to better see the predicament we all face.

With the case of Manuel Garcia, and his three recent, rapid-fire articles in Counterpunch, we appear to have another opportunity to examine the phenomenon of Bush science. Here we see a fully educated scientist making strong supportive statements of the Bush Administration’s 9/11 theories, despite the fact that he must know those theories are based on false or unsubstantiated claims. For our own understanding, let’s take a closer look at Manuel Garcia and his efforts.

Garcia not only works for the government, he works for a very interesting organization in terms of the best hypothesis for what happened that day. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Garcia’s employer, appears to be where explosive thermite was invented, and it continues to be a focus of research there.(1) At LLNL, government scientists have learned how to combine the exothermic power of the thermite reaction with organic moieties to produce a thermite reaction that can do pressure/volume work (i.e. turn massive quantities of concrete and other building materials into dust). From the research of Steven Jones, we know that the thermite reaction likely played a role in bringing the towers down, and it would not be surprising if technology developed by LLNL was involved. Could that be why Manuel Garcia is so intent on seeing Physics that don’t exist, in order to avoid seeing links to technology developed by his employer?

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