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Kurt Nimmo: KSM Deconstructed

In previous blogs Kurt Nimmo has provided links indicating that Osama bin Laden has been dead for years; that al-Zarqawi was dead long before he was "killed" by coalition forces, and that KSM has also been dead for awhile.

So how could he confess to all these crimes? asked one wag.

I confess that it had to be pointed out to me that the annoucement of KSM's confession came at the height of the uproar over the Justice Dept firings.

See below for a link to a pertinent TIME Magazine story. --R


Kurt Nimmo wrote:

KSM Deconstructed

Friday March 16th 2007, 8:43 am
Raw Story journalist Larisa Alexandrovna has noted a rather glaring problem with the KSM “confession”: he claims to have targeted the Plaza Bank in Washington state—however the bank was not founded until well after KSM was supposedly captured and interned at Camp Gitmo. “I think we can say for quite certain that whomever is being held as KSM was either caught recently or that his entire confession is a fraud,” concludes Alexandrovna.

Or, more likely, there is no KSM—certainly not as presented—as there is no longer an Osama or al-Zarqawi, and more likely the story of superman-like terror activity on KSM’s part is in fact contrived nonsense, engineered strictly for public consumption. KSM is a Muslim Freddy Krueger, the bastard son of Pentagon intelligence, the Office for Special Propaganda and Machiavellian Nightmares.

KSM is simply too much of a good thing for the Muslim-hating neocons, and that’s why he embodies cartoonish villain qualities, thus revealing the essential simplicity of the Straussian neocon philosophy with its Manichean perspective of good versus evil, light versus dark, and its exploitation of stark moral dualism. As the Straussians believe they are, like Plato, guiding the polis, who are childlike, it is probably natural the requisite myths spun, in the form of “noble lies,” are basically puerile and thus easily deconstructed. Moreover, as “philosopher kings,” the neocons firmly believe the American public, the benighted masses, really do not require more sophistication.

For those unwilling to so easily believe, although captivated by the larger Brothers Grimm story of Osama and his preternatural beings, the corporate media gives us Rosie O’Donnell. “On Thursday’s installment [of the View], O’Donnell actually said that the only reason al Qaeda terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed to any of his actions is because he was being held by the CIA at Guantanamo and tortured where it is allowed,” writes Jim Brogan for the Post Chronicle.

In other words, for Rosie and the entertainment establishment, a fluffy counterpart to the corporate department of manufactured news, the existence of KSM and his fantastic deeds are not in doubt, and the issue here, for soft and squishy “liberals,” is rather the immorality of torture. Naturally, this takes away and is a diversion from the core issue: the very posture of KSM is hallucinatory and thus irrational, ascribing to one man a preternatural set of abilities and accomplishments.

But then, of course, most of us, conditioned by television and Hollywood, have bought into the cardinal rule of the entertainment realm: all who enter here must suspend credulity.


Even Time Magazine sniffs some of the odor:,8599,1599861,00.html

Thursday, Mar. 15, 2007
Why KSM's Confession Rings False
By Robert Baer
It's hard to tell what the Pentagon's objective really is in releasing the transcript of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession. It certainly suggests the Administration is trying to blame KSM for al-Qaeda terrorism, leading us to believe we've caught the master terrorist and that al-Qaeda, and especially the ever-elusive bin Laden, is no longer a threat to the U.S.

But there is a major flaw in that marketing strategy. On the face of it, KSM, as he is known inside the government, comes across as boasting, at times mentally unstable. It's also clear he is making things up. I'm told by people involved in the investigation that KSM was present during Wall Street Journal correspondent Danny Pearl's execution but was in fact not the person who killed him. There exists videotape footage of the execution that minimizes KSM's role. And if KSM did indeed exaggerate his role in the Pearl murder, it raises the question of just what else he has exaggerated, or outright fabricated.

Read more:,8599,1599861,00.html

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