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Xymphora: London and Jerusalem Bombs

Xymphora is at his best digging out recondite information. Who would have heard about an Orthodox Jewish suicide bomber (against gays) were it not for him?. He's also good at letting you draw your own conclusions, because the ones he draws so often run far afield. (Not that I'm biased or anything like that, but Xymphora still doesn't buy controlled demolition on 9/11 despite all the evidence.)
Here Xymphora digs out interesting information about the purported London bombs found in the Haymarket. But he prefers not to go near what Kurt Nimmo calls Al CIA-duh. (Check out the first of the comments to this blog.)
Oh well, as always, we're on our own.
Gay Bombs
Saturday, June 30, 2007
A few days ago, an Orthodox Jewish suicide bomber was apprehended by Israeli officials before he had a chance to set off his bomb at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade (Orthodox Jews have a problem with gays). We didn’t hear a lot about this, as Jews are always supposed to be victims, and by definition can’t be terrorists. Had he succeeded, he no doubt would have been described as the victim, and an Arab body would have been chosen to be the terrorist. Then the usual typists would have written their opinion pieces wondering what is it in the ‘Arab mind’ that makes the Palestinians so prone to suicide bombing.

It is the gay press that has noticed that one of the latest London ‘bombs’ was on the route of the Gay Pride Parade, and the other parked nearby. The parade was scheduled for the day following the parking of the two cars (although the gay press is downplaying the obvious connection, presumably not to reduce attendance). The car on the route of the parade had been seen being driven ‘erratically’. presumably so it would be noticed (it actually drove into garbage bins in front of a busy nightclub), and had gasoline inside in full view (with labeled containers in case anyone was really slow). The shrapnel was spread on the floor, where it would have had no or little effect, and the police seem to be having difficulty describing the detonator, leading me to believe there wasn’t one. These weren’t bombs, they were warnings.

Needless to say, the cars were described as bombs placed by ‘al Qaeda’, before anyone could have determined who was responsible. I’d be looking for religious fundamentalists, most likely Christian, who have orientation issues (i. e., fear of catching ‘teh gay’). ***

Ronald writes:

If you click on _teh_ you'll find:
It means homosexuality, but as perceived by someone who believes homosexuality is evil and perhaps somehow "catching." The misspelling of "the" is deliberate, designed to imply ignorance or poor communication skills.

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