Monday, November 19, 2007

I Am Dick Cheney: Destruction, Destruction, Destrurction

This is an interactive, collaborative poem. Add your own lines. Be creative. Reflect reality.

I am Dick Cheney

I am the darkness
Destruction, destruction, destruction

The pot is boiling
Musharraf is squirming
The dollar is falling
Gas prices are rising
Iraq is stewing
Syria is convulsing, Lebanon a basket case
Iran is next
And so is the U.S.
(We didn’t steal two elections for nothing.)
Look at our deficit –it’s impressive, no?

You want chaos? You want pandemonium?
We did it in Iraq. It’s happening in Afghanistan,
It’s happening on the Turkish border
(Who gave the Turks permission to elect a Muslim government?
Not on our watch!)

We –me and lil Bushie -- are rubbing our hands in glee
(Karl is in a corner sucking his thumb and Rummy and John are
cheering from the sidelines)

Destruction, destruction, destruction
Iraq civil society gone – poof!!
(Who do you think blew up UN HQ and terminated with
Extreme prejudice
That troublemaker Sergio Vieira de Mello)

Destruction, destruction, destruction

Iraq mired in ethnic conflict
(Who do you think ordered the Samarra bombing
That insured an unending communal bloodbath?)

Destruction, destruction, destruction

I am the darkness, I devour the light.

I am Dick Cheney

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