Thursday, January 31, 2008

Keeping Warm, Guiliani Style

On the day of the Tuesday Jan 29th Florida primary, I belatedly had the thought: It’s cold in NH and Iowa this time of year. Belatedly because about a year ago, when one of Guiliani’s aides lost his playbook, I wondered if this incident could be a sign that Guiliani wasn’t going to make a serious run for president.

It turns out that Guiliani himself or the writers of his playbook thought the same thing -– as I just found out by searching the internet. The New York Times, no less, reported that

One page [of his playbook] cites the explicit concern that he might ‘drop out of [the] race’ as a consequence of his potentially ‘insurmountable’ personal and political vulnerabilities. On the same page is a list of the candidate’s central problems in bullet-point form: his private sector business; disgraced former aide Bernard Kerik; his third wife, Judith Nathan Giuliani; ’social issues,’ on which is he is more liberal than most Republicans, and his former wife Donna Hanover.”

However, when he subsequently took a commanding lead in the polls I was as ready as many others to concede the nomination to him.

Happily events proved otherwise, and for the moment, the scariest of this year’s crop is gone. Now all we have to do is worry about the ones who are left.

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