Friday, February 22, 2008

NYT Covers Alison Weir's Talk in Connecticut: Zionists Create Backlash

I was introduced to the work of the indefatigable Alison Weir through her superb 2005 article in The Link on the coverage and non coverage of Israel-Palestine.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see a relatively fair feature article in the New York Times reporting on her appearances in Greenwich, Connecticut last week.

Speech on the Mideast Brings Opinions to a Boil

February 17, 2008 Greenwich, Conn.

Read the article:

As reporter Peter Applebome points out, her critics’ attempt to censor her talk created a backlash which resulted in a crowd 10x bigger than she might have expected.

At the end of his article, Applebome draws the appropriate lesson for his fellow Zionists: don’t draw unnecessary attention to your opponents.

Applebome was fair enough to record the reaction of the crowd when she finished:

When the speech ended, Ms. Weir was met with thunderous applause, and across the room there was a widespread sense of satisfaction that someone was saying what needed to be said.

“It’s true that our money is going there to kill little kids,” said one well-dressed woman, who spent the speech nodding in agreement and gave only her first name, Jean. “It’s the side we don’t hear, that doesn’t get on the news.”

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Ronald said...

Alex A. wrote:
There are several positive aspects to this article. First that it appeared at all in the NYT, a paper with considerable establishment influence. (On balance the article seemed to fairly represent Ms Weir's views in a fair manner.)
Second, that it revealed how struggle against attempts to censor Allison's talk at the library resulted in an even bigger turnout. This is evidence of the value of not giving up in the face of Zionist intimidation. It pays off to struggle for justice!!
And finally,the fact that the author of the article could print the following truth about the make up of the oppopsition is a real break through !!
"Still, if the discussion was about Israelis and Palestinians, it was hard to miss the atmospherics in the room as well, the palpable split between Ms. Weir’s supporters, who seemed to hang on every word, and her critics, overwhelmingly Jewish, seething in their seats."
We are now beginning to more clearly see the outline of the elephant in the room!!