Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dual Loyalty on the Upper West Side + Justin Raimondo on Obama on bended knee to the Lobby

NYC Upper West Side Jews having trouble with Obama?
Anecdotally from my Upper West Side health club. One Jewish supporter of Obama told me that several of his acquaintances were having trouble with Obama. He guessed it was racism. I suggested it might be Israel.

Another -- this one I guessed was a Zionist -- told me about an upcoming forum about Obama at a local synagogue next week. He said there was concern that an Obama presidency might be hurting them in their pocketbooks. When I challenged him, he allowed how there might be other issues of concern.

Here's Justin Raimondo on Obama's response to a Zionist interrogation. What pleasantly surprised me was how much freedom of action he managed to cut out for himself. But it's because of his intelligence and independence that they'll vote against their pocketbooks and for McCain.

It's called dual loyalty, and yes, Bill, it's alive and well on the Upper West Side, not to mention other parts of the city.


Justin Raimondo:
Obama vs. The Lobby
No matter how much he grovels, it's never enough

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