Thursday, November 06, 2008

Laura Rozen wonders why the New York Times still employs William Kristol

Laura Rozen (, Nov 5, 2008) let it al hang out regarding New York Times conservative (?!) columnist William Kristol. She cited his s alleged role as a player, disseminating damaging information about the McCain campaign in his column.

And in all honesty, it's clear Kristol has long been more than a mouthpiece but an active player for one faction of the apparently bitterly internally divided McCain campaign. What business does the Times have to publish an active campaign player like that? Seriously? It's not that he's not allowed to have an opinion and have an ideology and a conservative ideology and even a controversial ideology, but the role he played was clearly far more directly connected to a specific internal campaign than any other columnist at a major place that I can think of. He's a campaign activist, a campaign internal player from that perch, as has been obvious for months, whoever is paying the bills. Times looks totally foolish for publishing someone who so lacked any degree of independence from what he was reporting and commenting on, whose conflicts of interest were so overwhelming.

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