Thursday, November 18, 2010

Letters re body scans and pat downs and 'dangerous' terrorists

The New York Daily News
Letter to
columnist  Joanna Molloy
November 16, 2010

Dear Joanna Molloy:
I was  disappointed to find that you support the new TSA rules ('Junk' Science, NY Daily News, 11.16.10).  
You say safety is at stake but your credibility, I suspect, is even more at stake.
I'd be interested to see if you have  evidence that these pat downs and full body scans are making us any safer.
We depend on people like yourself to help us fight back against Big Brother, especially in outrageous and incredibly expensive cases such as this. We might have hoped for some common sense and a determination to help us struggle to hold onto our freedom and dignity.
Ronald Bleier
The New York Times
Letter to the Editor
November 18, 2010
To the Editor:
Re Editorial, 11.17.10 : Accountability for Torture” (in Britain)”

Thanks for addressing the Obama administration's shameful performance as it continues to cover up and institutionalize the illegal detention and torture polices of the Bush-Cheney years.


However when you write that none of the “truly dangerous terrorists [held in Guantanamo]  have been brought to justice” you seem to take for granted that the claims of the Bush and Obama administrations have merit despite the lack of  evidence of criminal or terrorist activity beyond that which has been elicited by “enhanced interrogation” techniques.


Are they truly dangerous terrorists or are they alleged dangerous terrorists?



Ronald Bleier


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