Saturday, June 27, 2015

Obama and the Iran Deal: NYT Stenography Supports US disinterest

Whoever Moon Over Alabama is, he (or she) is a good writer.

His blog title for June 25, 2015 is : "The New York Times  Pre-Announces Iran Deal Failure" and he explains in 400 words or so,.

I've been saying for years that all the signs have been that O has never intended that a deal should be signed. .
 Here's a sample paragraph from Moon's blog.

 The NYT editorial says Khamenei's points are "at odds with a framework agreement reached on April 2". That is a bit weird as the actual full framework agreement has not been made public. So how do the editorial writers know this? "Western officials also say Iran has agreed to ..." Oh, western officials claim something. Then of course they, not Khamenei who has repeated the above points over and over again, must be right?

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