Monday, October 12, 2015

Is Obama doubling down on his Proxy War on Russia in Syria?

On October 9, 2015  it appeared to  blogger Moon of Alabama  (MoA)  that the US was giving up on its war against Syria due to Russian determination to employ heavy duty military force in support of Assad. The next day, MoA  reported that  Obama is, instead,  doubling down, risking war with Russia. 

The person who told the Saudis to deliver 500 TOW missiles to Syria ASAP was likely CIA chief Brennan. He also ordered to plan for attacks on the Russian base.So instead of a calming down and cooperating with Russia to fight the Islamic State the Pentagon was told to shorten its program and to hand out weapons to everyone who asks. The CIA is feeding more weapons to its mercenaries via its Gulf proxies and is planning for direct attacks on Russians.The war on Syria, and now also on Russia, is unlikely to end in the near future. With the U.S. throwing more oil into the fire the war will burn not only in Syria but in every other country around it
.(Obama Launches A Proxy War On Russia In Syria, 10.10.15, MoA

Ruthless Obama? Yes, he’s been ruthless since the third day  of his administration in January 2009 when  he launched  his first drones strikes on West Waziristan. But reckless? Up to now he’s only been reckless with the lives and homelands of foreigners. But to let  Brennan loose on Syria, and allow the U.S. to escalate the  proxy war with Russia is cause for concern about  a recklessness that we haven't  seen before.

Up to now Obama seemed to be content with winning  the  domestic public relations war attacking  Assad and Putin, while covertly arming ISIS, al-Nusra,  the Free Syrian Army  and all the other jihadist factions. His agenda has not been  to topple Assad, but to keep the war going indefinitely. But with this new escalation the  administration now seems to be ready fight Russia on more level terms. 

Hopefully Obama  will maintain the flexibility to pull back from red lines that shouldn’t be crossed. In that case, the only ones who  will suffer will be millions of Syrians and Iraqis and Turks, etc.,. – and hundreds of millions of  Europeans  who will continue to be flooded with a continuing mass of   refugees.  

At his next press conference, reporters might like to ask what the president thinks will be the effect on the world economy and polity of the continuing unrest,  destabilization  and suffering  his policies have been causing. 

MoA (10.12.15) published evidence – a photo of a downed drone -- of U.S. special forces operating in South Syria, in contravention of international law.

MoA concludes on an optimistic note citing Russian plans to triple its  daily sorties in support of several thousand new fighters from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon in support of Assad. He feels this ought to be enough to expel “the intruders from South Syria.”


Ronald said...

CK wrote:

Hi Ron,

I found this very interesting and unfortunately, if Moon of
Alabama's assessment that Obama's recklessness is
accurate, it confirms my belief that all the Mideast turmoil
will escalate into a world war, with more and more
countries, ie, China, trying to stake their claim in the
area for their share of the oil. The time for the U.S. to
aim for and ATTAIN energy independence was immediately
following WWII.
Ronald replied
Thanks, C. Much appreciated.I think it's more about ideology. Clinton was a creature of the Israel Lobby.Bush-Cheney were militarists and anti-Arab racists.Obama turned out to be one of those CIA people who love war, destruction and suffering.
C replied:
Lotsa ass for brains ideologies in this world!

Definitely agree with your Bush-Cheney assessment and aside from Obama and Carter, all presidents since WWII have been creatures of the Israeli lobbyists. But Obama loving war, destruction and suffering? Smh wondering why so much negativity is heaped upon Obama when it was Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and the other chicken hawks who unleashed all the tribal turmoil in the Mideast.
HC wrote:
I wondered if the empire would take this sitting down. Are they going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and try and wound Russia instead of defeating ISIS...

Ronald said...

Peter Tocci wrote:


Obama shmama. This is an Elite operation. Have you not read “The Grand Chessboard”? Moreover, Albert Pike, satanist and Illuminatus, outlined in an 1871 letter to Giuseppe Mazzini, second Master of Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati offshoot, the Elite’s plan for three world wars leading up to the global-fascist one-world order. So far, so good for them, eh?

This is not just a battle for Syria, but a component of the campaign for control of Eurasia. It could well be a proxy war, or break into direct conflict between the national tools of the Western and Eastern Elite factions; but as Zbig said, who controls Eurasia controls the world. That’s the fundamental motive for all the chaos in the region, and a big motive for the Western/Elite/NATO/CIA black operation called terrorism (ISIS the latest iteration) that began in post WW II Turkey as Operation Gladio, but was moved to Islamic states. All the Drama analysis is purely a distracting waste of energy - just how they want it. Ironic that media-programmed Americans love to hate Assad, when, truth be known, they should kiss the ground he walks on. Same for Ahmadinejad (Western Elite have to be very careful there, because Iran has a Gulf coastline laced with unstoppable Russian Sunburn missiles that could easily sink every US vessel in the Gulf in a short morning).

BTW, did you know that London Freemasonic banksters were the instigators/architects of, and financed both sides of, the US Civil war, with Freemason Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite organizing in the US South, along with one Caleb Cushing (Franklin Pierce’s Attorney General) organizing in the US North? Mazzini (head of the Italian Grand Orient Freemasonry) was also a major player in this conspiracy, as was Lord Palmeston, British Foreign Secretary, Prime Minister, and a Grand Patriarch Freemason. All funding of the conflict was handled through JP Morgan, a stooge of major illuminatus Daniel Payseur. Slavery? Just the hot-button issue they used to inflame each side.

Interesting also is that although only 11 states seceded, the Confederate flag has 13 stars, 13 being a sacred number among Freemasons (and the Knights Templar).