Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Support for ISIS Comes From the U.S. and Israel -- Bernhard Curates the Evidence

How did ISIS get started? Who has been supporting them all these years? The U.S. and Israel. Duh.

The Russians indirectly shamed the U.S. into finally attacking ISIS oil tankers in 2015. See "Caught On Tape: Russian Air Force Destroys Dozens Of ISIS Oil Trucks."

After initially making a show of finally following the Russian example and destroying some ISIS tankers, the U.S. found excuses not to continue. See for example, "US Planes Left ISIS Fuel Tankers Unharmed Because 'They Ran Out of Ammunition'"

The interesting question is whether Trump knows or wants to know of U.S. support for ISIS. If, for example, he really wanted to put an end to the ISIS threat, all he would have to do, as Bernhard explains, is leave Syria and allow Assad to do the job. Which Damascus would be only too glad to do including ISIS sleeper cells which, once again are supported by the U.S. and Israel because they serve their interest in continuing the war indefinitely.

For years, Bernhard has been citing documentation of U.S. attacks on Syrian forces in coordination with ISIS.

Here’s a brief reference in his blog of 2.4.19 (Search for "Trump Says U.S. Will Leave But Pentagon Keeps Adding Forces.)

On Saturday a U.S. air attack targeted a Syrian army position south of the Euphrates near the border town al-Bukamal:
A military source told SANA that the U.S.-led coalition warplanes carried out an air strike overnight Saturday on Syrian artillery position in Sokkariyeh village, west of al-Bukamal city.
The source added that the attack resulted in destroying the artillery and injuring two soldiers.
SANA reporter said that, in parallel with the coalition’s aggression, Daesh terrorists attacked military points in the area, but the army units repelled the attack and killed and wounded most of the attacking terrorists.

This is one of several incidents indicating the U.S. intentionally lets some ISIS fighters escape to attack the Syrian government.

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