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Bleier/Still Diggin: No planes on 911

In April, Still Diggin sent me the email below including a link to his 911 blog. As you’ll see, he says that he has spent 4 months researching no planes and he’s concluded:

No planes crashed anywhere on September 11th. It’s a fact.

I like this. Succinctly stated. Of course there's the little matter of proving it.

The most interesting information I found on his blog is Exhibit A, his interpretation of a frame from one of the (in)famous videos of the plane going into the South Tower (the second hit). Once you're convinced, as I am from the work of Holmgren and Reynolds and Webfairy etc. that no big passenger planes were involved in the 9/11 terror, Still Diggin's photo and his interpretation makes sense. But as he says himself, one photo is not going to change most people's minds.

His exhibit B may or may not make sense. I'm not capable of judging.

His exhibit C, information and photos and diagrams relating to the supposed exit of parts of the plane from the South Tower that we saw on the video is more interesting. One part that I found easy to understand is that a photo he reproduces of the aftermath of the _plane_ exiting the South Tower, reveals that no sections of steel columns are missing. This is circumstantial evidence that the video showing parts of the plane exiting the building is a fake.

We can deduce that if the video is a fake than something other than a big passenger jet caused the damage. So that's helpful.

Still Diggin's subsequent comments are interesting but marred I found by his sarcastic tone which may put off some readers.

It was very good to see another convert to the cause. If people would like to pursue this issue I recommend they read breakthrough essays by Gerard Holmgren and Morgan Reynolds (see below). If they do, they will find for example that the government has refused (or been unable) to present "a single airplane part by serial number for independent corroboration," and why there is no confirmed debris of any of the alleged four planes

It goes without saying that the importance of the no planes theory (NPT) cannot be overstated. If there were no planes involved in the 9/11 terror, than there were no hijackers, Muslim fanatics or otherwise. Those who refuse to look objectively at NPT evidence may be said to some extent to be supporting the official account and more importantly, implicitly supporting the bogus war on terror since they would seem to be acknowledging that Islamic fundamentalists were involved, even if only as patsies.

No Planes is perfectly consistent with Bush administration policies regarding torture, Guantanamo, warrantless wiretapping, etc. If there were no Muslim hijackers, then can be no evidence to produce against them, and thus no fair judge who would sign an order for them to continue to be detained. And that might partly or largely explain why the Bush administration refuses to allow them due process. And also why they have arranged matters so that every single person in the world, including American citizens, is liable to be termed an enemy combatant and lose all habeas corpus protections.


Gerard Holmgren, "Manufactured Terrorism – The Truth About Sept 11," (2004, revised 2006).

Morgan Reynolds, "We Have Some Holes in the Plane Stories," (March 2006).

Still Diggin wrote:
April 2007

I devoted 4 months to advancing the "no-planer" argument.

Now I'm trying to spread the word. Maybe you can help?

The Earth Is Not Flat

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