Sunday, May 20, 2007

French Jewish Council Forces Sarkozy to Withdraw Foreign Minister Vedrine as enemy of Israel

For a brief moment, it looked like Sarkozy might be able to do the impossible: achieve an independent foreign policy, free to follow its own interests when it comes to the Israeli-Arab and the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. He planned to appoint Hubert Vedrine, known for favoring an even handed approach to the issues, as Foreign Minister All it took apparently to force France back into line was one meeting where the Zionists threatened war.

Jeff wrote:

The following article appeared in French on the Bellaciao website and is my cleaned-up version of Google's translation. As I have said before, even before the election, France, like the US can be said to be Zionist Occupied. --JB

Wednesday May 16, 2007
CRIF [Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France] intervenes directly with Sarkozy to prevent the appointment of a minister

by Sindibad

The representatives of the Israeli lobby in France have just struck a great blow.
The representatives of CRIF who claim to represent the interests of the Jews in
France have just shown once again that they are before all the representatives in
France of the interests of Israel and the defenders of the criminal and colonialist policies
of its government.

In Canard Enchaîné of Wednesday May 16, 2007, we learn that the outgoing president
of CRIF, the very Zionist Roger Cukierman intervened personally to oppose the
appointment of Hubert Védrine to the post of Foreign Minister of the first government
of new President Sarkozy. Védrine, having been judged by the representatives of
CRIF to be not enough of an Israélophile, since he dares to call for the application
of the international law for the settlement of the Palestinian question. The intervention
of Roger Cukierman seems to have borne fruit, and even beyond, since Védrine will
be replaced by Bernard Kouchner. A solution which would satisfy everyone, since
Kouchner has the advantage of being at the same time an enthusiastic partisan of
Israel and the American policy in the Middle East (he had approved the war and the
occupation of Iraq) and especially a man of the left, very useful for creating the
image of the unifier for our new President.

And there are some who always think that the lobbies do not exist in France.

Here is the article from Canard Enchaîné:

The enemy of Israel

As soon as the leaders of CRIF (the Council representative of the Jewish institutions
of France) learned this prospect [the appointment of Vedrine] from the new Head
of the State, Roger Cukierman, outgoing president of CRIF, telephoned Claude Guéant
with a violent warning.

“We held a meeting with CRIF, today, and the rumour circulated of a nomination of
Védrine to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . That caused panic because, for us,
Védrine is worse than the usual anti-Israelis of the Quay D'Orsay.”

A little later, Cukierman directly joined Sarkozy and said to him that the Jewish
community would take the nomination of Védrine as a “casus belli”.

It should be understood that Cukierman and its friends had campaigned across the
country for Sarko explaining why the victory of Ségolène would cause the return
of Védrine to the Quay!




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