Sunday, June 03, 2007

Uruknet: UN: The Salvador Option in Lebanon

This is a long article, but worthwhile for those interested in getting the real story behind the turmoil and chaos and suffering that is going on in Lebanon. It's no accident that this is going on while the Bush administration is in power and people like Eliot Abrams are driving events. --RB

Chris wrote:

An important article casting enormous doubt on the efforts to condemn Syria for the Hariri assassination. It seems exactly the same people are seeking to blame Syria for the Fatah Al-Islam problem.


The Salvador Option in Beirut
Trish Schuh, U.N. OBSERVER

According to United Press International, Stratfor's report on the Hariri crime concluded that the Lebanese assassinations were "so sophisticated that few in the world could have done it." Burton told UPI that only five nations had such advanced resources- Israel, US, Britain, France and Russia. "This type of technology is only available to government agencies." Burton then asked: "Suppose that these bombings were 'merely collateral'? That the true target in the plot is the Syrian regime itself? If Damascus were being framed, who then would be the likely suspect?"

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