Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Xymphora/Bleier: Bush-Cheney provoking tensions with Russia

Xymphora wrote
Friday, June 8, 2007

The neocons, seeing power slip away with the new American distaste for war, are desperate to restart the Cold War by provoking Russia. As already noted, extreme American militarism is regarded by the Zionists as a necessary precondition of the Zionist Empire. Thus, the patently obvious bullshit that the European missile shield is intended to stop missiles from ‘rogue states’ such as Iran. The Russians know that the Americans know that a nuclear attack isn’t coming from Iran. The shield is really supposed to stop Russia’s ability to respond to an American nuclear attack, and thus is clearly intended to start a new arms race. Putin has called the American/Zionist bluff by offering to participate in the shield. Since that won’t do the Zionists any good, don’t expect to see any American agreement to the Putin suggestion.

Ronald wrote:
The only point Xymphora's missing or only implying is the Bleier viewTM that Bush-Cheney's anti Russia policy incorporates a radical neocon vision of endless war, and has the ultimate goal of a suicidal nuclear exchange with Russia and/or China (which would be advanced by the enlargement of the Iraq war). Bush and Cheney are very happy on one level with Putin's discomfort with a missile shield on Russia's borders since their intention is to increase US-Russia tensions (and tensions everywhere else) as high as possible.

Perhaps Bush and Cheney are not so happy that Putin is screaming bloody murder about it and trying to provoke some international and perhaps domestic US pushback. In the latter case, it's hopeless, as big media has apparently universally adopted the White House spin (perhaps explaining some of Xymphora's intemperate language.)

Xymphora also overemphasizes the Zionist angle. On the one hand he's got it right that Zionism requires US militarism: that's why the Israelis were so disappointed that we gave up our destruction of Vietnam after only ten years or so. On the other hand, his last sentence mistakenly credits the Zionists for the overarching Bush-Cheney agenda of permanent war. That's homegrown American neocon nihilism -- the destruction of everything.


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