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Best Arab Photo of 2007

It's a really good picture and an interesting story. Hint: View the picture before you read the text.
In these tragic times it's like grabbing onto a raft, a piece of wood in the ocean, to run into a story of an individual who can be helped.

Here's a link to the photo:

A*** wrote:

Dear Ghada ***and all recipients of this message.

It was nice to receive your message advising us that there is a noble man
who is willing to make a fund for this clever girl to complete her
education up to university level. It occurred to me when I posted the
photo and the story somebody would volunteer to make this grant.

As you can read from the story attached to the photo the photographer's
name is Wasim Kheir Beik .وسيم خير بيك

The association that gave him the prize id Association of Arab News
Agencies -- إتحاد وكالات الأنباء العربية

I shall contact a journalist friend of mine to find out how to contact the
union and of course they should have his address and ask him to get hold
of the girl and give her and her family the good news.

I am going to circulate this message and may be some recipient could also

Just a note that when I posted this message and the photo it was widely
circulated by a number of groups.

Shukran in advance

Is it possible to find the little syrian girl who was

studying while there were no people to buy her sweets?

The photo that was said to be the best in 2007?

I am asking for this, because somebody who saw the

picture wants to make a fund to let her continue her

studying till the end of university.

Can you put me in contact with the person who took

that photography?

Thank you for answering.


The best Arab photograph of 2007

أفضل صوره عربيه لعام 2007

"Education and work"

The Challenge""

Translated by: Adib****

The Union of Arab News Agencies granted it prize for the best photograph
for 2007-12-10 to

SANA the, "The Syrian News Agency" for a seven years old girl busy
studying while sitting at a side walk in Damascus selling candies.

The young photographer Wasim Kheir Beik 27 was able to snap the photo
after many trials after the refusal of the girl to be photographed, and
was covering her face with her small hands every time he tried to snap the
photograph. Wasim said that he was able to snap the photo by using a zoom
lens at a distance of 30 meters, while he was accidentally at her usual
working and studying sitting place.

As for the message that he wanted to relay though the photo, Kheir Beik
said, "I want to prove that a human being by will and toil can defeat
poverty and divestment.

The Union called the photo "Education and work".

Wasim called it: "Challenge".

The value of the prize was us$ 1,000.—

العلم والعمل


منح اتحاد وكالات الأنباء العربية فانا جائزة أفضل صورة لعام 2007 لوكالة

السوريةسانا عن صورة تظهر طفلة في السابعة من عمرها منهمكة في

إنجاز واجباتها المدرسية بموازاة بيعها الحلوي علي أحد أرصفة دمشق.

ونجح المصور الشاب وسيم خير بيك 27 عاماً بالتقاط تلك الصورة بعد عدة

محاولات كانت الطفلة ترفض فيها أن تتصور وتغطي وجهها بيديها الصغيرتين

كلما أراد وسيم تصويرها،كما قال ل الراية

. وأضاف: تمكنت بعد عدة مرات من التقاط هذه الصورة لها باستخدام عدسة

زووم عن بعد يزيد علي 30 متراً، وذلك أثناء تواجدي صدفة قرب مكان

جلوسها المعتاد .

وحول الرسالة التي أراد ايصالها من خلال هذه الصورة قال خير بيك

انها تتلخص في أن الإنسان بالإرادة والعمل الجاد يستطيع أن يهزم الفقر
والحرمان .

وأطلق الاتحاد علي الصورة اسم العلم والعمل ..

وكان وسيم قد سماها التحدي ، وبلغت قيمة الجائزة ألف دولار.

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Any news about the little girl?