Monday, December 10, 2007

Xymphora: No Iran Attack???!!! Neocons, Zionists Furious

I haven't been distributing Xymphora much lately, in part because he seems to have gotten so shrill on the Jewish/Zionist issue. So much depends on the red wheelbarrow and on the tone of the thing. However his shrillness, if that's what it is, seems very well suited to the subject at hand: the Bush-Cheney, and the Zionist reaction to pulling the rug out of the main justification for enlarging the war to Iran. (I haven't exhaled yet. There's more than a year to go and Pakistan is flaming, and Lebanon is that close to civil war. Who knows what brilliancy Elliott Abrams will come up with?)

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Saturday, December 08, 2007
Proof of the war between the Establishments

by Xymphora
The new Zionist meme is that all 16 (!) of the American intelligence agencies that burst the Zionist war bubble by putting an end to all the ‘Iran talk’ are part of an anti-Semitic plot to attack the Jewish people through protecting the enemies of Zionism. Following up on Podhoretz’s ‘darker suspicions’ theory (‘darker’ is the code word to mean that it is actually a theory about anti-Semitism, but I note with amusement that it is not possible to point that out in polite society, and all discussions of Podhoretz claim he was just making the baffling theory that it was an intelligence agency attack on Bush), Gerald Posner is resurrecting his old Zionist propaganda that the CIA had, and is repressing, absolute proof that the Saudis and Pakistanis were behind September 11. It is not a coincidence that this theory is brought up at this time.

There is a lite Zionist theory circling that the leaking of the NIE was a Bush Administration plot to prove how powerful Bush Administration diplomacy has been in dissuading the Iranians from their nuclear program. This theory is obvious nonsense, disproved immediately by the disarray of Bush Administration officials in dealing with it (Cheney was completely surprised at the release of the NIE, although, of course, he was aware of its content, and had lied about Iran throughout), the complete shock from Israel (this story about Gates and Barak looks like Zionist mythologizing in order to minimize the rift, proven by the fact that Israel in fact was not ready for the NIE release) and the agents of World Jewry (who would have been informed if it was a Bush Administration move), the lack of foreknowledge in the American media (Blitzer’s Zionist operatives at CNN had to do a last-minute cancellation of their smear-job on Iran), and the utter horror and sputtering from the neocons (note Ledeen in particular: no women were involved in the NIE!). Even more conclusive proof is that the NIE not only destroyed the prospect of war on Iran, it completely undermined the entire stated basis of the Bush Administration for the placing of American missile sites in Eastern Europe.

I don’t buy the ‘scientific’ anti-Semitic theories that much of world history consists of a surreptitious war of the Jews against the Gentiles. However, there is simply too much evidence to ignore that current American politics does actually involve a war between the Jewish Establishment and the Old American Establishment (note that doctrinaire Noamian lite Zionism holds that no such war is possible, as the Old American Establishment runs everything). Annapolis was the last straw (can’t you just hear James Baker saying ‘Fucking Jews’?!). The NIE, which only weeks before was never going to be released, according to Mike McConnell, suddenly appears, and at a time when a coherent Zionist counterattack was difficult because of the Jewish Holidays (candle lighting interfered with propaganda!). Since everything is supposed to be about control of oil, which is achieved, according to lite Zionism, by attacks just like the one on Iraq, isn’t it odd that the intelligence agencies (all 16 of them!) of the American Establishment decided to throw a wrench in the works of such a war?


Anonymous said...

And what do you think of Obadiah Shoher's arguments against the peace process ( )?

Anonymous said...

And what do you think of Obadiah Shoher's arguments against the peace process ( )?

Ronald said...

Thanks for responding, Alex, and for the pointer.
I'm afraid I haven't seen Shoher's arguments. What do YOU think of them? Perhaps you could summarize a relevant point?